SN-08 Overhead Type
A breakthrough in station design and functionality!
Ceiling-suspended space-saving solution SN-08!
  • SN-08 Overhead Typeの特徴
    Space-saving solution
    Use the limited space of the filling station efficiently.
    Furthermore, overhead solution can contribute to the originality of your station.
  • SN-08 Overhead Typeの特徴
    Excellent hose reel and Increased fueling range
    An easily movable hose reel with a long hose which offers up to 6 meters of fueling range which allows you to fuel a car from whichever position you want.
  • SN-08 Overhead Typeの特徴
    Slim and lightweight hose reel
    A compact and light hose reel with a cover from rustproof plastic will always keep your hoses save. Easy access into the reel also allow an easy maintenance.

    You can choose from a single hose, double hose and a triple hose model depending on your needs and requirements.
  • SN-08 Overhead Typeの特徴
    Wall-mounted Display
    Backlight LCD display guarantees high visibility and
    its big digits are easy to read at any time during the day and night.
    The display shows both the amount unit, price and amount.

    Choose the mounting spot which suits you the best.
  • SN-08 Overhead Typeの特徴
    "Handy" Counter
    Have all the necessary information and hand and check the fueled amount and the price at the nozzle through the built-in display.

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