Product Manufacturing

The Product Manufacturing is the field where you can most clearly see Tatsuno’s know-how, years of experience, and also the skills of our employees.

  • Tatsuno develops, manufactures, and sells fuel dispensers for gasoline, diesel and other types of fuels such as LPG, LNG, CNG, and hydrogen, POS and OPT terminals, management systems (level gauges for underground storage tanks etc.), oil depot equipment (large pumps, flow meters etc.), kerosene delivery equipment, underground tanks and tank level gauges, disaster countermeasure equipment (emergency power generators and emergency pumps)

    We are proud to deliver high-quality products that are known for their modern design, high accuracy and dozens of modern technologies and functions.

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  • Tatsuno is also leading the way in the incorporation of eco-friendly solutions into our products. This way, we are trying to contribute to the reduction of exhaust fumes during fueling and to the creation of cleaner environment.

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Market share and activities outside Japan

Tatsuno’s fuel dispenser market share in Japan is over 60%. However, our sales are not limited only to Japan but we also sell our dispensers and other products related to the distribution and sales of fuels all across the world. Our dispenser can be found particularly in South-east but also in Europe, Middle East, Africa and America.

Yokohama Plant

Tatsuno’s Yokohama Plant is the place where the company’s entire research, development, and production take place.

The Research & Development Department fully utilizes the accumulated know-how and feedback from sales staffs, in development of new technologies to meet customer requirements.

The Production Department deploys a cutting-edge production line where everything ranging from to production of individual parts to the assembly of whole products takes place. We achieve the highest quality and productivity through the use of robots, the employment of other modern technologies and thoroughly managed quality-control as well as our skilled workforce.

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