Planning & Construction

We design and construct all kinds of fuel supply facilities of various sizes, especially retail gasoline stations. Of course, we can respond to your requests even if your project relates only to the handling hazardous materials and does not include fuel dispensers, such as installation of underground storage tanks and pipeline at factories, offices, schools and hospitals, or special constructions such as private fueling stations.

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Our goal is not only to be a “good partner” that provides an optimal plan, but also a “total planner” that takes on the whole responsibility for the project. Starting from the overall planning, including the layout design, Tatsuno constructs the whole facility and manufactures and installs the underground fuel tanks as well as the piping. Our customers receive a comprehensive all-in-one project management service including everything from the planning and design to the construction and after-service repairs and maintenance.

Tatsuno has been deeply involved in the design and construction of refueling facilities since its foundation. Over the years, we have completed over 120,000 projects. As professionals in the field with thousands of past projects and with commitment to the highest quality, Tatsuno proposes highly efficient layouts and solutions utilizing our accumulated knowledge as a manufacturer and is aiming to create facilities that will suit your needs the best.

We will continue to utilize our original know-how to the utmost, not just for refueling facilities but also for a variety of plants, to address various needs of our customers.

  • Planning & Construction image
  • Planning & Construction image