President of Tatsuno Corporation Hiromichi Tatsuno

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There are currently 1.1 billion cars in the world and 76 million of them are in use in Japan meaning that there is one car for every two people. Cars are such an integral part of our lives that we cannot even imagine our lives without them. As a fuel dispenser manufacturer, Tatsuno has grown along with the development of Japan’s petroleum industry and the growth of automotive community.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Japan needed to rebuild the domestic energy supply networks. Also, in order to tackle the climate change, development and usage of various renewable energy sources is unavoidable. Yet, judging from the vast reserves of crude oil, petroleum will still have a stable sufficient supply in the future as well. Due to petroleum’s easy handling, storage and transportation, the current fuel energy-supply-networks (including petrol stations) will still be important in the future.

Therefore, we believe that we are entering the age of coexistence of various energy sources, mainly fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel and LPG, CNG and LNG, together with clean energy sources such as hydrogen, biofuels, as well as wind, geothermal and solar energy.

As these energy sources play an essential role in both our lives and society, we in Tatsuno will utilize our experience accumulated over the years of work in the fields of hazardous material handling, hazardous material storage and infrastructure, and energy supply network infrastructure construction. In this global era, we strive hard to be the best partner for our customers not only in Japan but also all over the world.

As stated in our creed “In Innovation, In Reliable Services”, we will continue in our effort to develop innovative products, carry out reliable construction and provide even better service in the future as well. We will also strive even harder to meet our customers’ needs and to contribute as a company to the society. Thank you for your continuous support of Tatsuno.

Yours Sincerely,

Hiromichi Tatsuno

Hiromichi Tatsuno

President of Tatsuno Corporation