• I would like to get a manual for the product I am using. What should I do?
    Contact our distributor for your area.
  • Is gasoline the only compatible fuel? Can other types of fuel be used as well?
    Besides gasoline, the dispensers are compatible also with kerosene and diesel.
  • What is the price of the products?
    Contact our distributor for your area for the information about the price.
    If there is no distributor in your area, contact us through the Contact form.
  • Are you performing the inspection and repair works?
    Contact our distributors since they deal with inspection and repair works.
    If there is no distributor in your area, contact us through the Contact form.
  • What is the operating temperature range of fuel dispensers?
    -20℃ to +50℃.
  • How long does the delivery of products take?
    Shipping of a standard model under Ex-Works trade terms takes by standard 75 days.
  • Are there any additional options for the dispensers?
    We provide various options for our dispensers. Check the catalogs for more information.
  • What is the supported voltage?
    Measuring Unit: Single-phase 110V, 220-240V;
    Power Unit: Single-phase 220-240V, Three-phase 380-415V
  • What is the accuracy of fuel dispensers?
    ±0.25% (For Ultra High Speed type, it is ±0.5%)
  • What happens during the earthquake?
    As an option, a dispenser can be equipped with an earthquake sensitive sensor.
    When earthquake starts and the quake intensity is above certain level the pump will automatically stop even during the fueling.
  • Where are the dispensers produced apart from Japan?
    They are produced in South Korea, Thailand, India, Czech Republic and Russia where the factories of our group companies are located