Inspection & Repair

Tatsuno provides a wide variety of services ranging from the maintenance and repairs of fuel dispensers at gas stations to inspections and repairs of underground tanks used at gas stations as well as at public facilities such as hotels, hospitals, offices and department stores. Furthermore, Tatsuno also provides the maintenance of fuel supply systems and flow meters for fueling of diesel trains, aircrafts, and ships.

  • With a network of over 80 directly operated offices across Japan all the way from Hokkaido to Okinawa, we can respond anywhere and anytime, providing satisfaction and safety to our customers with our prompt services.

    With our motto “Fast and precise maintenance” in mind, we offer after-services for a whole range of our products. Through our network, Tatsuno can provide services of the same high standard in all the regions of Japan taking the specific regional requirements into account.

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  • Our customers’ needs are our priority. Therefore, we strive to provide unrivaled services in order to satisfy our customers’ wishes in the future as well.

    Reliable services we have been providing over the years are another proof how much we care about our customers.

    Our skilled and trained technicians provide all sorts of inspections and repairs to assure that all of our products you are using are working without any faults or errors.

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  • Besides, we also provide a 24/7 call customer support to help with possible problems our customers may face.

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