Sunny GII
Simple Basic Model, yet Solid with Unexpected Performance
  • Sunny GIIの特徴
    High-quality World-class Components for Greater Reliability
    Tatsuno Flow Meter
    ・High durability and accuracy
    ・Measuring Accuracy: ±0.25%

    Tatsuno Pump
    ・Air separation function
    ・Amazing suction power
  • Sunny GIIの特徴
    Variable Line-up
    You can choose the model that fits your needs the best. Sunny-GII comes in three different models depending on the number of pumps, nozzles, and number of displays with a different options.

    ・Non-resettable electromagnetic totalizer
    ・Emergency stop switch
    ・Double Swivel
    ・POS Interface
    And more...
  • Sunny GIIの特徴
    LED Backlight Display
    A fine display with red LED backlight and big digits provides great visibility during both day and night.
    Supports up to 5-digit unit price and 7-digit money amount which allows it to be used in various countries around the world.
  • Sunny GIIの特徴
    User-friendly preset keypad
    Equipped with the preset keypad as a standard to provided a user-friendly and easy fueling to the customers.
  • Sunny GIIの特徴
    Reasonable, yet, powerful!
    Due to easy operation, high durability, and reasonable operational costs, Sunny-GII can deliver a great performance even at the busiest site.

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