Tatsuno Showroom in Yokohama plant gives the visitors a little insight into Tatsuno’s activities.
The Showroom display offers an overview of Tatsuno’s products, technologies and business initiatives, starting with the latest fuel dispensers and gas station equipment which are in the pursuit of safety, security and environmental protection. Every year, over 300 companies and organizations visit Tatsuno Showroom.

We invite and warmly welcome our current business partners, as well as potential business partners visit Tatsuno Showroom and enjoy a small tour.

On this page, we introduce the sections you can visit in the Showroom.
If interested, contact International Marketing Department for any inquiries regarding Tatsuno Showroom tours.

  • Retro Dispenser Corner

    Retro Dispenser Corner
    Retro Dispenser Corner is a display of historical gasoline dispensers ranging from the hand-operated models we sold in 1920s to model from 1964. You can trace the history of fuel dispensers up to today and see how their appearance and functionality have changed with the flow of time in order to meet the needs of the upcoming eras and keep up with the emerging technologies.
  • Service Station Corner

    Service Station Corner
    The Service Station Corner exhibit displays several of our gasoline dispenser models, including dispensers with vapor recovery system, long-hose dispensers, AdBlue refueling unit, and vapor recovery unit for a petrol tanker unloading.
  • Underground Tank Corner

    Underground Tank Corner
    Tatsuno also cares for and protects the underground environment of service stations.
    In this corner, Tatsuno presents FsF underground tanks which provide maximum leak protection, therefore, preventing soil and underground water contamination, along with corrosion prevention solutions, such as FRP inner linings, and other related products.
  • Clean Energy Corner

    Clean Energy Corner
    Clean Energy Corner focuses on the products related to alternative fuel which have been drawing attention in recent years. Tatsuno’s lineup includes hydrogen dispensers for fuel cell vehicles, LPG and CNG dispensers, as well as high-accuracy flowmeters which are the essential part of the dispensers.
  • International Corner

    International Corner
    International Corner’s main focus are Tatsuno’s products for overseas markets manufactured by Tatsuno group companies in Thailand and the Czech Republic.